Best Wooden Yoyo

What is the best wooden yoyo?

Old pre-BC No-Jives.

First of all, this thread should go in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section.

Secondly, there is no “best wooden yoyo”. It is all about your preferences. Just pick one that looks good to you, and buy it. From there, you can pick out the thing you do and do not like about it. Then you have the knowledge of what you like in a wooden throw for when you buy your next one. LOL.

It all about preference man!!

I think this can stay right where it is…

I really like the TMBR Turner and Fremont… But I also love no jives and apollos…

Hard to pick

Like any other type of Yoyo, it is a personal preference thing.

I have Many, Duncans, Tom Kuhn, BC, TMBR and OUT wooden throws.
As well as a few unbranded ones.
I like them all and use them all.

In hand and for “Tape Measure” type stalls I really like Waxed or Oiled wood.
The TMBR’s and OUT’s are great this way, I have sanded and waxed my Duncan Butteryfly’s.

My Dead Favourite Wood Throw is the Once Upon a Tree (OUT) Purple Heart Pocket Love.
It is Truly a fine Throw, that looks and feels like it was made with Care.
If I could choose only one wood throw from my collection, that would be it.

Good luck in finding your perfect Wood Throw.

My Favorite is a No Jive 3 in 1. I have the “Optic Star” one but I ended up putting in a hubstack o-ring to widen the gap a bit.

My favorite is the TMBR Fremont, followed closely by the OUT Pocket Love in padauk.

If you need more gap, there is always the Lovejoy and if you need more weight than the Fremont, there’s always the Turner.

Thank you all

I think I’ll go with either the love joy or Irving but ill look at the OUT stuff