Looking for a Nice Wooden yoyo!

i really want to try a nice wooden yoyo!
anyone have recommendations?

i also would like to know of some TMBR Models like
Fremont, Morrison, Irving Pro Etc.

i just started researching

any wood yoyo Experts here?

Try TMBR Irving wooden Yoyo it is really nice and smooth

where can i find one?

Google TMBR Irving and see what you get.

YoYoExpert is a mercantile for the finest in YoYoers equipment. Don’t wander in here and ask for a recommendation of a different place to shop. That’s kinda brusque man.

True that,
I love YYE I didn’t mean that!
Just the other TMBR yoyo was out of stock so i was wondering!


Well they have to stock up again don’t they? So just wait or shop somewhere there are plenty of websites that sell yoyos

Did you do what I said?…because I did and it took me about 15 seconds to find some for sale?

i just did
and how do they play?

Now that I don’t know as I’ve never played one. I have two solid wooden yoyos. One plays better than my Duncan Imperial actually, the other came with a Felix the Cat Fossil Watch, it’s a piece of junk. When it arrived the string was noodled through a hole drilled through the axle and tied in a knot. ::slight_smile:

Get any TMBR take apart yoyo and you’ll be fine. Considering the quality of craftsmanship, they’re a steal. Some say they’re the best wood throws ever made. Make sure you use cotton string.

Why cotton? Does the friction between poly and wood have the potential to start a Boy Scout’s fire?

The friction between the wood axle and the polyester fibers is sufficient enough to head up the polyester fibers an cause them to melt and even burn. It probably won’t start a fire, but it can quite literally burn through.

Cool. What a great middle school physical science experiment this could make. Beats distilling water all to pieces!

You can burn through cotton too. And scorch your axles. But yeah, if you have even a halfway decent throw you’ll get all of about two minutes out of a poly string before your yoyo shoots across the room, untethered and full of mischief.


I like the Fremont the most. The Irving Pro is fun too.

I’ve got a Fremont and Irving pro and have tried an Irving. Like em all. A lot. But my Fremont is super smooth and consistent. Haven’t tried the Lovejoy but it looks as sweet as anything.

How do i contact TMBR?

Google again. We can’t link the TMBR web page because the site is also a storefront.

ahh the page has no contact feature though!