Good Wooden Yoyos


I’ve been wanting to get a really good wood yoyo for quite some time. I’ve been eying TMBR’s yoyos, but I’ve heard some bad things about them. What are the best wood yoyos I can get on YYE?

Price isn’t really an issue and I’m assuming I don’t need to specify what style of yo-yoing I like.



I will be getting a Proyo Roadster, and this one wooden moth yoyo.

If either of them are good I’ll check back here and let you know how they are.

The TMBR Baldwin and Irving both get high praise and good review though.

Also the SPYY Eh will never be made again so if you can get one of those, you’d be super lucky.


Haha I saw those at Bass Pro yesterday.


I highly doubt that because they are exclusive to Y0yosam as far as I know.


I know what I saw man. I remember thinking it was weird that they got away with having a butterfly on it then realized it was a moth. They were two color wooden yoyos that came in a clear box with a small felt bag up by the registers. They were with the puzzles, brain teasers, boomerangs, and wooden whistles. I may be going back for a return so maybe I’ll take a picture.


I saw one on grandfather mountain in a gift shop. I bought it. It doesnt sleep