So, TMBR is basically the only wooden brand on YYE. I was planning to get one of their yoyos, but I’m not sure now that I read a thread about them. I’m a bit confused now…I was looking at their take-apart models. Specifically the Lovejoy and the Freemont. Not interested in the Baldwin. But anyways, you guys tell me, Lovejoy, Freemont, or get something else?

(btw, how do you do a poll?)


I think you’ll be in good shape with either of those. They’re take-apart, so you can sand the axle length to get the response you like. The Lovejoy has chamfered edges and is a little wider, so that’s the one I’m going after at some point. I only have a TMBR Irving currently, which I personally don’t like because the fixed gap is wide and quite unresponsive. Some people like it that way though.


I have the Lovejoy, Baldwin, Fremont and Irving Pro. I also have a 2013 EH. These all have the features I am looking for, namely a replaceable axle and take-apart design.

Lovejoy is more string-trick oriented. This is my favorite out of the bunch.

The thing is, wood is wood. It is its own play. Not everyone likes fixed axle play and not everyone enjoys WOOD fixed axle play. The only way you’ll really know is to buy something and/or try something and make your own opinion. I will say wood fixed axles are frustrating to me, but I feel it’s something I have to power through and learn. In time I will improve.

Order a 100-count of the YYE bulk Type 10 100% cotton strings if you buy one. You’ll need it.

Honestly, I also don’t feel any of the wood yoyos I mentioned are worth more than $30, including the EH, but that’s just my opinion.

This is a very difficult area to advise. Wood fixed axle is an area many players may not enjoy. You want to get in at the lower end of the cost spectrum in case you don’t like it. I know going into something with a “failure is an option” attitude isn’t the best, but that’s how I went into this. Even so, with the Freemont being the low-cost option, I think the LoveJoy is a better “all around” player, especially for starting out, even though it is more money. I think the next best is the EH, which is actually a step up in both price and performance, so it is worth more.