Yo homiesss, I really want a TMBR, but they all seem superr similar to me.

What one is (In your opinion) the best and why?

Thanks in advance

Get all of them.

First off… what are you looking for in a fixed axle yoyo? fun? a more classic feel? or a more performance grade wooden yoyo? They are all great from what I heard ,and I got the freemont. It has a more comfy ,classic ,fun shape ,and I really enjoyed it.

You should consult the wooden yoyo experts in the “wood is good” thread.

I was in the same boat as you, and I just said “to heck with it. I like the stripe and the ability to take it apart” and got the Baldwin for no reasons other than that. We’ll see if that was the right approach after it arrives. :wink:

I always found the TMBR standard Irving to be the best out of all the fixed axles I have played, even beats out the Irving pro.

I like the Fremont best of the ones I’ve tried.

I’ve enjoyed the LoveJoy :smiley: Between the Baldwin and LoveJoy anyway

I’d recommend getting whichever one you like the looks of best. They’re all great by all accounts.

The Baldwin is my favorite by far. Though totally awesome players, I found the early models to be rather sharp on the rims, and the first two take-apart models (the Irving Pro and Fremont) to be not quite responsive enough.

I kinda want a preformance grade one.

ahh, Haha I was just about to start considering buying the pro too. I’ll wait for the Baldwin to get back in stock. Is it really 1.63 inches wide though? thats really cool haha

You should take my experience with a grain of salt. A lot of folks really dig the Irving Pro. The best thing to do, of course, would be to try them out at a club or contest if you can make it to one.

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I found my Irving Pro too responsive.

Sure is. The Fremont is a bit more narrow than that.