TMBR vs Tom Kuhn


I’m looking for a recommendation for a wood fixed axle yoyo. I’m pretty certain that eventually I will get both, but, am trying to compare between a No Jive and either a TMBR Irving Pro or Turner. I’ve read what I could find on the forums, the TMBR yoyos seem to be a bit less responsive (which is OK with me), but, the No Jive is legendary. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Definitely get both!

As far as which one, that’s tough. Personally I like the original made in San Francisco No Jives a little more than the current ones, I prefer the shape of the old ones.

Tmbr makes an amazing yoyo. I’ve played and owned most all of them. My favorites are the Sullivan, Fremont and eH’s.

The Turner is wider and heavier than the No Jive. Colin is making a 2015 Turner that you can get on his site, it has the new wood axles. Haven’t played that one but the original is great. The Irving Pro is one that I have not played. While they are great, I personally don’t like the V shaped Tmbr’s very much. They are the one’s that don’t have a lot of response to them.

I’d probably recommend getting a No Jive first. It’s classic and will give you a great point of reference when moving to other fixed axles.

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