No Jive 3-1 or TMBR Turner?

(major_seventh) #1

Looking for a fixed axle that I can use for (hopefully) the rest of my life. Which one do you prefer? I’m leaning towards the No-Jive.



Never had a TMBR but have a few No Jives. Love them a bunch. Get one (or 2 or 3) if you can.


I consider the nojive a must have for yoyo players. Consider getting a couple of extra axles as they wear out after a ton of play


I’ll agree the No-Jive is a great yoyo and everyone should have one. That being said, I would recommend the Turner. To me, the Turner is a more versatile yoyo. It does everything well, from stalls to long string tricks. Not to say the No-Jive doesn’t, but I think the Turner is a little better all around.