Trying to find a new yo-yo

(Conor Neumann) #1

Looking for a new yo-yo, any suggestions?

(Victorian YoYos) #2

Price range?

(Conor Neumann) #3

Somewhere like 30-80$


Uhh preferences? If you’re looking for anything, I’d recommend scouring the BST for a bit, you’re bound to find something nice for a great price.

(Thomas Bellotti) #5

Well what do you have…?

What have you tried/owned that you enjoyed? What have you disliked?

Gonna have to narrow it down a bit if you actually want any helpful input here, dude.

Not trying to be lame, but it’s next to impossible for anyone to make recommendations without at least one or two pieces of this type of info from you.

I like my shutter, my banshee, my mitten, my iceberg, as well as more, but you may hate these. Let us know a little more about your preferences and you’ll get some suggestions that you actually could use.

(Jacob Waugh) #6

What do you have? what do you like? Undersized? Monometal? what?

(ClockMonsterLA) #7

For $70 it is hard to beat the TopYo Dominator.

(Conor Neumann) #8

Whats Bst stand for

(Conor Neumann) #9

I have the shutter, joyride, and a metal skyva, the only one i dont like is the metal skyva. Also I’m just trying to look for a yo-yo that’s different but is very good

(Conor Neumann) #10

i have the shutter, metal skyva, and the joyride. And i dont really like plastic yo-yos, And really any size.

(Conor Neumann) #11

Thanks! I’ll check it out

(Jacob Waugh) #12

Really anything from Topyo, we have been discussing the Raiser here: Competition level throws for around 50 bucks

(Conor Neumann) #13



BST is Buy, Sell, Trade. It’s one of the topics here on the forum. Give it a look! You’ll get addicted.

(Christopher Dougherty) #15

I have yoyos I’m looking to trade if interested