Trying to figure this out.

Anyone want to help me understand this trick?


It looks kind of like a Jason Lee Sling variation thing, not quite sure. Any ideas on dissecting this?

It looks like from a Split Bottom Mount he goes forward once, and then hits the double strings a few times while revolving his hands around the yoyo. Then, he just kinda undoes it and does the pop thing.

you might just be right. I can’t get it smooth and fast yet but it makes more sense to me now. Thanks, anyone else with some input please feel free to share. :smiley:

Just a quicky video… I think this is pretty much right.  The only thing I have absolutely no idea what he’s doing is the very end part with the little pop and stuff.  The rest of it should be pretty stinkin’ close to what he does in the vid.

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Awesome, thanks Kyle I didn’t expect someone to actually make a video. You rock!

I don’t know if this helps that much, but the pop thing looks like a pop from when you go to trapeze to trapeze and his brother, except it’s a forward pop.

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