Try any Bac new releases?


For those who went to bac and got to try some new releases (yeti, rally, a new yyj, others) what did you think? You don’t have to give a full formal review just a quick gut impression of how it played and if it reminded you of any other throw.



Yeti: did not try…
Rally: It was pretty awesome! Combine a protostar and a burnside in my opinion
Surge (yyj): I dislike it. An organic yoyo, not my thing.


Surge was great! YoYoJam didn’t have a booth so I didn’t buy the Captivate Prototype.


Thanks guys,

Anyone else get to try the Yeti, Surge, or Rally?


Rally was fantastic as well!


Rally vs. Yeti. Enquiring minds want to know. :wink:


Cmon, who tried a Yeti? I really want to know what you guys think.


This makes SO much sense. Oh my gosh, I want.

Also looking for an opinion on the Yeti


Seriously. There has to be a good amount of people who tried it.

Maybe they’re just still recovering from shock after playing with it and seeing how good it is. Let’s hope that’s the case. :smiley: