So… I’m having trouble with Split the Atom… Do I just need to practice practice? Or is it just me?
I use a Yomega Highspeed Maverick and I’ve been looking at Split the Atom… And when I throw my sleeper
then I do Half way of the Thread the Yo yo thingy. And I try to push my finger in to the yo yo string right above the yo yo
it doesn’t really do anything or it flips out on me and does this weird flip onto the string and gets tangled up. My yo yo has a short sleeping time for now, so it has to be a two time try or else I have to regen my yo yo again… On these brain twisters, Stop and Go like tricks I always get tangles whenever my yo yo stops sleeping right in the middle of the tricks… I want to try and avoid this, but when I’m learning a hard trick like these Stop and go tricks, it’s hard to avoid it and it takes lots of time and patience to get my knots out… I don’t like taking my yo yo apart, cause I snapped my axle earlier and my dad fixed it but warned me not to take my yo yo apart that much… Plz help me :frowning:

Is the yoyo vertical when you throw it? It could be that you are not throwing it quite straight so the string is rubbing against the response system and inner wall. It is really important to get a good strong sleeper nailed before trying more complex string tricks. Once you have a good throwdown it will make learning new tricks much easier. Practice does count for a great deal of progression too.

It could also be something wrong with the yoyo response system. Does it bind consistently?

I personally don’t worry about unscrewing my yoyos, as long as you don’t overtighten them there should be no real issue.

Bind? It is becoming unresponsive… And I’m doing good with my sleeping… I think it’s the response system?

~Epic Sigh~

This happens with beginners all the time. They don’t know what they’re doing wrong in the trick, and will begin to blame their yo-yo.

Well stop.

There is nothing wrong with the response system. I learned to do ladder escape on my maverick so there’s nothing wrong with the yo-yo. And you should be glad the yoyo is becoming unresponive, it will help you ok?

Is there any way you can make a video showing us whats wrong?

I KNOW that unresponsiveness is good, I’m just telling him things so he can get the picture >.> or her… And no, my parents don’t want me doing videos…

What do you mean when you say you did half the thread thing? It just goes over your NTH index then you push into it right about the yoyo with you TH index and land on that string.

Why aren’t you allowed to make videos? Are your parents really strict? Also, you’re not giving us enough detail so all we can say is, “Practice”.

When my Dad got laid off from work, I didn’t have a forum, the internet, or Anyone to help me. So just practice until you get it. It’s not a hard trick at all. If you want, I’ll even try and make a video of me doing Split The Atom on my wooden Imperial if I get the time, OK?

Now quit complaining. :wink:

Here, I made a Video. Dont complain about how hard it is. Just practice or give up.

Ladder escape on the zombie by pocket pros.

So did you figure out how to do the trick yet ??? 8)

I’m having trouble with Split the Atom. It’s nothing about practice. The last step, what I call the third step after the split bottom mount… When you take the very left string of your yoyo finger and you thread it through again, whenever I do it, it always goes to one string, and I’m sure I’m not dropping a string… Also, another thing I noticed, is that when I’m beginning to thread through, my string is a little short(i never cut it, but i’m short on like, string to thread it through), so my finger is very close to my yo yo as I thread it through and it drops to one string on my yoyoing finger. Help plz? :frowning:

It is practice. That’s 99% of every trick. Make small adjustments until you get it

What do you mean when you say that it drops to one string? Sorry, I’m a little confused.
I think with the string being too short you just need kinda shoot the yo-yo into the string; you can’t really do that part slowly, or that will happen.

Have you tried RethinkYoyo’s videos?

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