Split the Atom help

Hey guys, I have yet another question (I can’t seem to do any of these tricks without help 0_o). I can’t seem to complete the second part of Split the Atom, the part after you bring it forward, which is when you bring it backwards. Do I thread the yoyo into the string behind the yoyo or do I not? One thing that doesn’t help is that for some reason when in the middle of the second part of the trick, my yoyo begins to spin out rapidly while it’s on the string, I don’t know why that happens though.

Yes you feed the yoyo into the string behind it, the one on the left (or right if you’re left handed).

If it spins out, you probably aren’t throwing hard enough, or you accidently hit strings to the yoyo a lot.

Alright, I just got that part. I have trouble now threading it into the string coming back because the two strings are really close to each other, and when I try to open them the yoyo spins out on me.

Edit: Actually, now I can do the whole trick, but is still struggle EXTREMELY with it. The end where you finish off with the brain twister ties the string around my non-throw hand’s index finger and it delays me from dismounting it.

Here it goes!

I think I’m stuck before in Split The Atom for a Couple of Weeks before, But now I’m on Rewind. :slight_smile:

For dismounting from there if the strings are wrapped around your finger, point that finger down and the strings will come off. For separating the strings on that second part, use them fingers and you can really get them spread apart.

Good luck. I struggled with this one for a while because it seemed so long.