Stuck On Split the atom Video

I have me trying to get thos trick for 2 days, i’ve been watching this video to help me. I always get stuck at the end when its time to flip the yoyo like the brain twister.

Oh Sorry Bad Lighting and awful video recording

to practice this just practice regular braintwister the only difference is on the split the atom you have your finger between the string but other then that its a regular braintwister

i can get the brain twister.But when i try to the end of the atom trick it gets tangled.Im pretty sure i’m doing the trick right but i dont seem y its doing that

Having watched your video, I can tell you EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong.

Do you see what you’re doing at about :04 in to the vid? Your first string pass is fine. The one that goes away from you. The one that comes toward you is the one you’re doing wrong. You’re threading the yo onto the string on your right. You need to thread onto the string on the left. Watch Andre’s video and pay real close attention starting at about 1:27 in.

I actually did this the way you’re doing it in the video, and ended up in the exact same string setup you find yourself in at :06.

We’ve the same problem before bro, But I’m now in kwijibo. :smiley:

Relax, Take it easy, Don’t rush to the other trick, Practice.