Split the atom trouble.

I’ve been tryng to learn split the atom but can’t get all the way through properly. I’m not sure exactly what i’m doing wrong in comparison to the video, but when i try to spin the yoyo the string wraps around my throwhand index finger. Any suggestions?

not the best suggestion but… u can skip the trick, learn others and come back to it once your better. also sometimes after like a week or something i try the trick again and for some reason i can do it then :slight_smile:

I had trouble with that video too when I was just starting out.
It is supposed to wrap around your finger like that.
when you are done doing the flips, you just drop the extra wraps off your index finger before dismounting.

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yah, just tip your finger downward at the end and they just fall off. no worries :smiley:

Learning to drop finger wraps quickly is a important skill to learn, namely for frontstyle :stuck_out_tongue: