Help with Split the Atom twisting around my finger

(Myre) #1

When I do Split the Atom, once I get to the “kind of like a Brain Twister” part, where you’re spinning around the yo-yo twice at the end, I’m having trouble with the string wrapping twice around my throw hand finger, which makes me have to stop and unwind once I dismount.

I’m sorry that it’s kind of vague, but can anyone tell where I’m going wrong at?


That’s what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Myre) #3

Haha, well, good to know I’m doing it right, then. :-[

(JM) #4

When you’re ready to dismount, just point your pointer of your non throw-hand at the floor and the strings will slip off it. Then you will be back in a sleeper.