Split the Atom

Whenever i do a split the atom, and i go to spin it. the string starts wrapping around my fingers, is that supposed to happen?

Yes the more spins you do the more wraps you get :wink:

Yes whenever you do a split the atom, its kinda like brain twister you cant do it forever. The string wraps around your finger with each rotation and it gets tighter and closer to your finger. If you are using a yoyo with a really good spin time you can dismount after a couple of rotations and then remount and do some more. Also if you do it like me and the string wraps around your throw hand middle finger just point your finger downward and let the string come off then put it back up and continue with the trick. I really hope this has helped you and you nail that trick and become an awesome yo-yoer than anyone. :slight_smile:

okay, thanks guys. i thought i was doing it wrong because andre’s video doesn’t mention it wrapping around your finger like it does in atomic bomb. so thanks a lot :smiley:

In fact, if you do the string trick ladder at a contest, if you take your finger out so that the strings don’t wrap around your finger, it’s considered a miss. :wink: