Help: Split the Atom entangled fingers

Hello forum!

I’m enjoying my new life as a yo-yo player. Got the basics down and the can do the braintwister in my sleep. So I’m moving on to split the atom.

After struggling with the mount (I can never seem to get it straight) I’ve finally been able to do the entire trick. There just one thing. When I do it, my index fingers seem to get entangled, so they’re stuck together. The brain twister rolls you could do 20 of if you liked, but is the string supposed to wrap around your fingers for each roll you do in Split the Atom? I can’t quite tell from the videos.

I bolded the essence of my question.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Morten

Yes - The string is supposed to do that. What I suggest doing is, after the rolls, take your right finger away from the loops (without moving your left hand) and drop all of the strings on your right hand. Then, proceed to dismount like Braintwister.

Have fun!

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Glad to hear that I’m doing it right. I’ll go try out the method you suggested right now.

Thanks a lot! Now I can continue my training :slight_smile:

  • Morten

Great! Take a look at Atomic Bomb. It’s very similar to Split the Atom, and it looks really cool. It’s great that you’re enjoying yourself so much!!!

Tried the technique and it worked like a charm. Just did my first complete Split The Atom (complete with a cool bind-ending… gravitypulls are so earlier this day!) thanks your advise Samad!

I’ll have a look at Atomic Bomb and see if it’s something I think I can do!

Also found out that type-6 string is without doubt my favorite right now!

back to the spinning!

  • Morten

rotate through hand around hand win spinning around