Split the Atom Help

(Erik) #1

Hi all - I am sort of new to the yo… I used to be pretty decent way back when there were only fixed wooden axles and cotton string. My favorite yo used to be my original Silver Bullet, now its a Turbo Bumble Bee. Even that is a few years old. I am thinking of upgrading to a YYJ DM, but that is another post…

I have been trying to get Split the Atom using Andre’s video. I have the mount down ok and the first part of the finger movement, but I get stuck when you go to flip the yo over your hand twice (as Andre says, brain-twister-style). My problem is that the string gets wrapped around my throw hand pointer finger as it is flipping over my hand. :o I think I have a problem with the string placement as I am setting up for the flips, but I can’t figure out where I am going wrong. I watched the video pretty closely and it is hard to tell if the string is supposed to get wrapped up? I don’t think so…

Anyway, any help here would be greatly appreciated!

(SKOHH?!) #2

As long as you have both first and second finger movements then you should be doing it properly, the string DOES wrap around your throw hand pointer. If you look real closely you can see that it is wrapped around Andre’s finger, you just drop the excess string off before or during your dismount. If you watch the example when he is explaining right before he shows the trick in totoal for the last time (and messes up the first attempt) you can see the extra wrap around his finger. Hope i helped, and good luck.


(Erik) #3

Thanks SKOHH that is helpful. I have almost completed this trick successfully now, the yo dies on me jjust near the end. Guess its time for an upgrade to something with a little more spin time…


That trick would be hard with a speed beetle… You should get a DM / Lyn Fury / Journey / Velocity. They’ve got the butterfly shape that’ll make landing easier. Dunno if the beetle has a good bearing or not, but I found the more I practiced the longer my sleeps got, then I cleaned and lubed the bearings, and it doubled or tripled the sleep. The more practice you get, the straighter the sleep, and the less it’ll rub against the sides and kill the spin!