Need help with split the atom

I’d done with my Double or Nothing now, it seems so cool :slight_smile:

And now i’d got some problems with split the atom :frowning: anyway, here’s my problem, when i start to mount on string, i seldom success and the yoyo mounts on the other side instead ! and i can do part 1 well but after that the part 2 where the yoyo comes back i seem to be abit slow and that makes it less interesting. plus, everytime during part 2, i always have my yoyo twisted to together and couldn’t do a successful brain twister to end the trick. thats my main probs, the mount at start and the part 2 where the yoyo comes back.

With the mount to help hit the right string every time is to use your thumb to keep the string on your finger out of your way.

how bout the part where the ball comes back and i am going to end it using brain twister ? i always got the strings wraped on my non-throw index finger when im about to throw it out, so i take time to make the strings in position which make my moves slow and not cool.