Help with split the atom

Ok so im trying to learn how to do split the atom and i just cant get it have any advice. It always lands on the wrong string or topples off or gets both at the same time. ???

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First of all this should be in the trick section of the forum. But, with your, it just takes practice, you’ll get it :wink:

Step one- Good hard throw, no tilt! I want this perfected before you move on

Step Two- Be able to enter the split bottom mount fluidly. It will take away less of your spin that way.

Step Three- Yoyo goes over your non throwhand pointer.

Step four- Push into the doubled up strings with your non throwhand, pull back slightly with your throwhand.

Step Five- thread the yoyo into the string on your non throwhand side.

Step Six- Do the rolls, dismount like braintwister.

I think that the most impiortant thing you can do is keep the strings centered.

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what i done to learn the mount is as you swing it forward move your non throw forward and down

                           hope fully i helped  ;)

this is usually caused by people putting there string on there index instead of there middle finger. If thats your case, put it on your middle finger and that will fix everything.