Steps of split the atom?

Hey guys.

I’ve been working on a couple or intermediate tricks recently, one of them being split the atom.

So far, I’ve got the split bottom mount down, and then I move my non throw hand under the yoyo.
However, the video tutorial I’ve been using so far is unclear on what to do next. Something about pushing the non throw hand into the front two strings or something.

If anyone could clarify the steps to this trick, it’d be much appreciated, I’ve no idea if what I’ve been doing so far is correct! :S


havent done this trick in months, needet to look it up myself again, but i got it again.

  1. go into split bottom
  2. pass the yoyo to the front on to the string that is furthest away from you. your non throw hand goes “under” the yoyo in this motion.
    so your on the front string now
  3. you pull your throw hand a little bit back and down so the 2 strings are directly behind the yoyo, and you pass the yoyo back onto the left string (if your right handet). its more putting the left string into the yoyo with your throw hand, not so much throwing.
  4. now you can push with your throwhand towards you into the strings and do the rotations.
  5. to dismount just pull your throw hand out, roll the yoyo out, and bind

my english isnt perfect, i still hope i was able to help you, if not feel free to ask again i will do my best to help :wink:

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Thanks so much, that was a great help! I’ve got it now!
Your english is alot better than alot of British people around these days!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

great! really happy i was able to help :slight_smile: