Split the Atom help

I need help with Split the Atom. I got the split bottom mount, but when i bring my non throw hand under, the yoyo comes off the string and hangs there, with my fingers in a “almost Brain Twister mount” position. Like I threw a sleeper then pushed into the string, and sat there like that. Any help?

It sounds like you just need to work on lining the strings up with the yoyo. If it is missing the string, then they aren’t aligned properly. Work on straightening them up.

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OK, like Apetrunk said, I think that you don’t understand the trick completely. After the Split Bottom Mount, pretend that your Non-Throwhand is splitting the string. The part of the string that leads to the loop connecting the yo-yo to your finger is the string you want the yo-yo to hit. OK, so after the mount when you’re bringing your non-throwhand under, just make sure that string goes into the yo-yo.

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that used to happen to me.
my advice to ou is to just do that part slowly, and watch the string and guide it into the gap.
after a while of doing it slowly it will come more naturally at a faster pace.

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OK thanks everyone that replied! I will watch the tut video some more.

i only have one thing to say go slow