how to do split the atom

I am stuck on the roll when ever I do it it will fall off.Please help ;D

Use your middle finger and make sure you roll fast. Other then that check out the learn section on this site.

P.S. Copycat with the username! Jkjk. :stuck_out_tongue:

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wrong subforum, you’re lookin’ for the yoyo tricks one.
and just watch the video, or go youtube other videos till you get it.

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I’m not sure but I think you push into the string with your throw hands pointer. That is if you have the string tied to you middle finger but if you had it tied to your pointer you would use your middle I would think…

Also as dynikus said you can find lots of videos on youtube for more help.

And I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to get that trick it took me two weeks of failed atempts to finally get it down. Don’t give up keep going and you’ll get it.

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When I was learning the trick the people at the Duncan website said to do it, and to me it seems to work better then my pointer(I attach my string to my middle finger.) Remember the main thing is rolling fast.

Other than the rolling motion and what you have pointed out, I would say that alignment is your issue. That may explain why it is falling off as you say. You are crooked while you mount the split bottom mount, but once you’re mounted, all of your strings should be aligned. This will avoid the missing of the string.

He meant the braintwister thing at the end I think and it gave me a ton of trouble too.