Split the Atom

Do you guys have any tips on the Split the Atom trick?

Once I Put my finger on the string and than I try to push my finger a little pinch above the yoyo, It either don’t catch the string and goes to the side or my finger touches It and dies out. Help.


A little confused, ar eu having trouble getting into the first part of the trick, the split bottom mount? If so then u just need to keep working on it. I was lik ethat fir a little while when starting oyt too, it wiuld always ho to the side and miss but now i have trouble missing it even if i try lol. One more thing is try to keep ur index still an djust swing the yoyo and it will wrap sround ur index without u needing i,to push it… this will make it more accurate but eventually ull just get it easily

Try pushing into it a little higher

Hi Andy. Please use the auto-correct on your phone or whatever device you are using. I’ve looked at all of your prior posts and they are similar. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, just practice the split-bottom mount. A lot. I still miss it sometimes (more often than I’d care to admit) by landing on both string segments. It’s just practice.

First, it will take lots of practice to get it solid, but knowing what to pay attention to when you practice makes it a little better. To keep the yoyo from hitting your finger, you will need to pay attention to hitting the string above the yoyo a bit higher up the string.

Once you’re hitting high enough, to keep the yoyo form sliding to the side, you need to make sure your finger is perfectly perpendicular to the string. If your finger tilts up or down, the yoyo will flip either left or right.

The parallax from your viewpoint may make it look like your finger is right, but if the yoyo misses, it isn’t. Play with the angle of your finger until it is right, then work on getting that feel down so you can do it without really even looking.