Splt the Atom Help

Im having problems landing the split the atom mount, it always either misses the string or goes to close to my finger and stops sleeping. What should i do? :-\

I find that putting your finger as close to the yoyo (without touching it) as possible really helps when you push into the string because it sort of forces the yoyo onto the string with no where else to go.

I do that, but when the yoyo lands on the string it just goes down and hits my finger. >:(

Try putting a little slack in the string as soon as the yoyo hits it. This will help it not fall back and hit your finger. In other words bring your throw hand pointer finger (the one the string is resting on) down a little as soon as the yoyo hits the string.

Keep practising, there isn’t really some “secret” to landing it, just practice.

Or you can just do do a braintwister mount and flip the string farthest away from your body on it like push it. It is the same motion as the split bottom mount but here there are strings around it so it is easier. Then when you master this variation you will find the original one really easy.

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That helps thanks ;D

do you mean “split bottom mount” and if you are you wanna use the momentum of the yoyo to swing over our finger instead of force. It’s a lot easier and more accurate if you do it that way.

Yea thats what I meant.

What yoyoaddict101 said was not wrong at all. Eventually, when you start increasing your skill level, that is not how you want to be getting into the Split Bottom Mount.