Hey, i’ve been having trouble getting down the trick “Split the Atom” when you first loop it onto the string, any advice? ???

Dont understand what ur saying ???

On a off topic note, your cat is cute!

meant to say on. cat’s not mine but thanks anyway.

Do you mean split-bottom mount?

yeah, that. i"m having trouble doing that. any advice on how to do the split bottom mount?

Just kinda get for finger somewhat close to the yo-yo, then just push the string, once the yo-yo hits the string, just let it drop.
Practice it, it’ll just come to you.

sorry if I’m causing confusion, :-\ I’m just a little bit off track today.

Don’t worry about it :wink:

thanks, i’ll keep that in ind. :slight_smile:

Oh and also, try to swing the yo-yo toward you just a little.
The momentum helps it get onto that string :wink:

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Wow, thanks for the advice. i honestly think i was gonna get advice this quick. :slight_smile:

Thats what this forum is for :wink:

i guess that’s true. :smiley: