Having trouble with Split the Atom

I’m definitely sounding like a total rookie when I say this, but I’m having trouble with Split the Atom. I’m bad enough at Split Bottom Mounts, and when I do land it, the whole yo-yo goes insane, so I never even get to the second half of the trick. Like I said, it sounds noobish but help please?

Practice your throws :).

well your problem soudns like your throws are not hard enough or they are not straight enough.
when you throw it make sure you throw straight because if it is tilted then the string will rub the sides.
also make sure you are snapping your arm down and getting a good strong throw.
those are things that will help you through all your tricks.
just keep practicing

Thanks! I’ll give this a try and post back if something else goes wrong. :slight_smile: Hopefully not though.

Your profile says your favorite yo-yo is a DragonFly. DragonFlys can shoot back to your hand when it hits your string sometimes.

Ok, first, it’s probably the dragonfly. I won one in a beginner contest, and it always shoots back up to my hand when I try to do tricks from the split bottom mount. So, I don’t really use it much, and I use my Dark Magic.

Second, try to keep the strings as straight on as possible. This will help so that the strings won’t touch the very sensitive response system.

Third, try to do it slow so the strings won’t go crazy and cause the yoyo to shoot back up to your hand. Hope I helped!

where as it may be harder with your yoyo, it is not the reason you can not do it.
i learned mine on a dragonfly and that yoyo still makes me cry today. :’(
it will just take practice and a good strong, straight throw.
just keep at it and you will get it.
as i have heard somewhere on this forum before…
“it is not the yo, it is the throw”

I agree with him completely. You need to get a solid throw down. I learned it with a Speed Beetle, so it’s possible to learn with a DragonFly.

uhmm. yea, i agree with those guys up there, its probly the yoyo.

I realize you may not have the money right now, but i recommend a Dark Magic. It is more than worth the $40 you pay for it, and if you have yoyojam thin lube with it, its like heaven.
Though, im probably prejudiced since its the only good yoyo that i’ve owned, but it is well worth the money, like i said.

Also, practice. For me, once i got through the intermediate and advanced 1 tricks, the advanced 2 and expert tricks just came (and are coming) really easily to me.

good yoyo and practice!


Take a look at the Dark Magic demonstration here:

Yeah, you just need to practice your throws, so your yoyo can sleep all the way through the trick.
Pun: My flying squirrel hibernates, so I have no problem. ;D

Haha. I hope he doesn’t bust a bearing over that!

ok well i decided to go pick up a mosquito today so i could see if i could help you anymore. :wink:
i got it and started throwing it around to see what common problems occur that might affect that trick and it seems as if the shape of it is really unforgiving. anotherwords if you throw bad it will show you, so just practice by throwing a sleeper and seeing if it is straight. if it is tilted start trying to see how you have to throw to straighten it out. when i started i noticed that mine were consistentaly leaning to the left so i turned my wrist a little bit to the right and voila, magic. and you can always improve your throw strength, just keep practicing snapping your arm down so it doesnt fly back up at you.
hopefully this helps :smiley:

I actually learned alot of my beginner/intermediate tricks on a mosquito. I personally think that the Dragonfly, for me, is just too responsive. It has a pretty tight gap, so it spins out on me when I try to do simple tricks such as brain twister!!! You’ll have an easier time learning with a mosquito.