Split Bottom Mount

I need help with the split bottom mount. When I try to do one, the yo-yo catches and hits my finger (very painful). So does any one have any tips for me, granted I don’t have a very good yo-yo, my Duncan Dragonfly kinda stinks but I ordered a Dark Magic so I’m working on getting a better yo-yo (freikin postal service).


that yoyo is quite responsive and what might be happening is that when you try to land on the string, your give a bit of slack so the yoyo catches and hits your hand.

The DM coming in should be much better for learning this.

For now, try to do the mount with no hesitation, flow right into it so there is no chance for slack.

Good luck!

You can do it!


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Thanks, unfortunantly about 15 minutes after I posted this my only string left for my Dragonfly broke so… I ordered a bunch more strings and my Dark Magic all at the same time thankfully. So as soon the (friekin)postal service comes I’ll be back in buisness.

I also have a Duncan Dragonfly and both of my strings broke within 4 days of buying it.

Another note is that you should make sure you are not “pushing into the string” too close to the yo you. If you get to close it will shoot to your hand when its responsive.

I used to never be able to get the split bottom mount, but now I can get it almost all the time. Here’s what might help -

  1. Maybe use some thin lube to make it less responsive.
  2. When u get the dark magic, widen the gap a little (I love the dm!..I use a KK bearing though)
  3. I found it helped when I to my throw hand and hold it like you’re goind to shake someone’s hand. The string should go down across your pinky finger. Now grab string and continue the trick. This helps get the other string away so you can focus more on landing it smoothly.
  • Hope this helps!