Having problems with Split Bottom Mount. And possible yoyo problems

My major issue is when I swing the yoyo up to land on the string, it will either A) Bounce off the string in my throw hand. B) land on the string and slide down on my non throw hand finger then stop. OR C) completly miss all together. It’s a pain and it’s more of a hit or miss with my yoyo. I’ve got a Dark Magic.

BTW my yoyo doesn’t sleep very long. I’m throwing the yoyo quite hard but it will spin for like 30 secs then it will tilt then spin out. Any suggestions on what it could be?

PRACTICE. All that you can do is practice. When i first got my DM i could only get a 45 second sleeper out of it but now three months later i can get it to go 2:15. I play it with a center track bearing and two red shims.

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Um I don’t know if you just mixed up the wording on your post, but it does sound like you might be doing the split bottom mount wrong. When you land it and it slides down the string, it should be hitting you throw hand finger not your non-throw hand finger. If it’s bouncing off the string on your throw hand then you’re either missing and hitting the wrong string, or you mean your non-throw hand.

With all that said, and you’ve made sure you know the proper way it’s done. The first response is 100% correct, PRACTICE & More Practice is the only way to get it. This was one of the harder mounts for me to get personally, so I can understand your frustration. I have short fingers (I think anyway) and it made learning and getting this down very hard in the beginning.

Only thing I can say is practice more then 1 mount in a throw. Don’t just try once, return and try again. Keep going. If you land it, dismount keeping your hands in the same place and remount. This will help build what people refer to as “muscle memory.”

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I Used to have the same problem -This is he reply i got after sending an email to yoyoexpert.

"The video and explanation there is about the best we can do - its harder over email.
The key is to really bring your pointer finger as close to the yo-yo as possible when going to land it on the string.
It is also important that you let the yo-yo “fall” into the string as soon as it hits so it doesn’t just bounce off or slow down, etc. "

1 Hour after constantly trying,i’ve Managed to land it on the string And do Mach 5

If I’m correct,you’re trying to do Split The Atom right?

I hope this Helps

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…as far as your spin time is concerned, you would probably benefit greatly from cleaning your bearing. it doesnt sound right that your only getting 30 seconds out of a throw. getting better at your throw will help loads but it also sounds like your bearing could perform a little better for you. just submerge it in a small glass vessel (baby food jar, shot glass, etc.) and submerge it completley in lighter fluid (zippo) or mineral spirits. let sit for a good 20-30 mins, agitating it with a pencil or something similar every so often to loosen up and tough set-in grime. remove the bearing, and set on a paper towell to let dry for roughly 15 mins, or untill the solvent evaporates. apply a small ( i mean small) amount of lube if you wish, and re-insert into the yoyo, throw and enjoy! it might take you a few throws to spin out any remaining gunk in the bearing and dry off any remaining fluids, but you should be spinning great in no time! hope this helps you!

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Yeah that kinda helps. I lubed the yoyo and that seemed to help with alot of the noise it used to make but it still titlts to one side after 30 seconds. It almost feels like theres more weight on one side than the other because I’m throwing this thing REALLY HARD and pretty straight but it still tilts. >:( Also on the B) example. it is my throwhand finger it slides down to. (sorry about that). I tend to get this mount once ever four throws and its just a pain in the neck but I’ll keep trying. Thanks.

You know this one took me FOREVER to get. Part of that is I was practacing with a looping yoyo. lol But after lots and lots of practice I could hit it occasionaly. If you are hitting it one out of four times you are doing pretty good. It won’t be long and you’ll get it. Good luck.

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Practice. Try not to hold the string so taught. Don’t try to get into it right from a throw. Do the first part (were it wraps around your finger double or nothing style) and then just try swinging it from there into a 1.5 mount. And don’t worry to much about getting it smooth. After doing it like that for a while while practicing tricks like rollar coaster, it will smooth itself out.