Trouble with Tower of Luck

Hi everyone,

So I’m working on Tower of Luck. Not a terribly hard trick, but for the life of me I can’t clear the tower to the GT without it binding. The only way I can get to the GT is if I kinda drop the tower as I put my finger into the bottom for the GT. In the video he clearly tosses the whole mess up in a slack and catches it with a well placed finger. When I try this I get a quick, violent bind - I’ve tried 3 different throws too so It’s not the yoyo being responsive. Also, I find that if I hesitate at the GT that it wants to wrap around the bearing once, which can at times also bind.

Whats the trick to tossing the slack so it doesn’t bind?


I love it when people have trouble with my older trick tutorials.  It makes me go back and re-learn them.  I’d completly fogotten this trick.

My first quesiton is what bearing are you using?  If you are using a flat bearing, getting the gt will be hard.  I managed to do it 1 in 5 tries with a flat bearing.

Only advice to give on the hop is keep your pressure even between the two hands.  Go for almost a lift and drop.  You just can’t have your throwhand pull laterally at all.  It’s tough, I never did get this one consistent enough for my liking.

An alternative picture trick is this one

Its a star, but I’ve improved it since.  At the end of the trick if you drop everything except your offhand thumb you get a tower.

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Bearing…  Let’s see.  My OD54 has a Buddha Ripple, so grooved concave.  My Gradient has a KK, My new RecRev 33-1/3 has a KK…  All the ones I have tried this trick on have some form of concave bearing.  Honestly I get no love whatsoever from flat bearings.

I’ve been practicing like a madman since I wrote the request.  I see what you’re saying about not going lateral with the throw hand.  I’ve landed it more and more often since.  I’ll keep working on it!


P.S.  Old tricks are still cool tricks…

Awesome, I’m glad it’s working out for you. When you get it consistent feel free to share a video, I’d love to see it!
A couple of my standard competition tricks are actually old ones. They’ve had some upgrades, but if it works, keep it!