1a trick tutorial - Hullabaloo



I just started working through this trick this morning… Taking a break from Canadian Ladder Escape which is still giving me fits…

So I’m focusing on the first half through landing the first GT. Pretty straight forward, but I have a question: More often then not, when I get the rejection and land in the GT, the yoyo will bind on me right there before I can throw out of the GT. It seems that the bearing does a wrap of some sort as it lands in the GT.

Probably a slack/tension issue, but I’m not really sure, so I thought I would ask here to see if you have any advice on that?


Hmmmm… Just watched it again, and realized too that when I do the wrap around, I have to hop to the inside (top) string and hop out of the GT towards my body, not away… I’m definitely doing something wrong…

ON the first gt you are rejecting away from you, then pulling it back. I’ll say this is a trick that requires a centering bearing, or extreme precision. I occasionally have the same problem with the wrap, it’s a result of one hand pulling a little too much on the string. It helps to make sure you pull while the yoyo is in the air tight to keep from haivng any slack in the triangle. When you hop out, try to hop up rather than forward. IF you are still struggling send me a video of what you are doing and I’ll troubleshoot, its hard to figure out from what you’ve typed.

Ok, so I have been messing with it all weekend. I have it down. What I was doing was twisting in the opposite direction. Easy to do really depending on how your wrap your finger around. If you twist in the opposite direction, then you must hop to the inside string and jump back out towards yourself.

When I paid closer attention, I realized this and it was an easy correction. I do notice though that the intersection of the top string and the GT has an extra wrap around the top string in it. I can’t tell from your video (resolution and speed) if yours does as well? Meaning, when you jump out of your GT to the trapeze is there an extra twist?


I love the name

There is an extra twist, you are doing it right.
I recently had someone comment on a video “please use a higher resolution camera”. I replied “Thank you so much for offering to buy me a new camera, thats awesome”. He had a laugh, as did I. I’d love to have $700-$1000 to upgrade, but for now I’m stuck with my GoPro.

@Zorro - Doing the “Trick a Day, Eh?” Project, I’ve had to really get creative with names, having named almost 100 tricks in the last 3 months, lol.

There was this old game I used to play when I was like 6 called Hullabaloo

Jeremy, I hope you didn’t think I was complaining about your camera! I wasn’t at all and I’m very appreciative of your work. I was simply stating a fact that I couldn’t quite tell due to the resolution.

The spoken explanation is far more useful to me anyway - I’d rather have that than a super HD slow motion video with no sound or explanation.


Oy, that’s a lot. I haven’t really been following that but it sounds interesting. I don’t tend to name my tricks unless I am going to make a tutorial for them.

I didn’t think you were complaining, I was just sharing an amusing anecdote from soemone who did, lol.

You should check it out, there are some great tricks on there