Avoiding bind/wambles in "I Be a Minute GT"

As sort of learned from this Cabin Tutorial:

First off, it’s a miracle I’m landing this at all! After not getting it for a long while I just started doing something that just “felt right” and I’m sort of landing it now.

However, I can’t figure out how to end up in a GT that doesn’t have extra string in the gap. On a successful completion, I’ve had to slowly and carefully pull up a bit on the throwhand segment which eases the extra string out of the gap and makes a nice GT. But more often either string gets bunched up there for a bind, or is just so wambled up that pulling the throwhand back doesn’t help (and a bind occurs).

Any pointers out there for this trick in general? Heck, I don’t even mind if you pretend I haven’t even landed it at all yet… my consistency and confidence with this one are shaky things at best. :wink:

Nice i cant wait to learn it! Although im not so great at brent stoles so this should be interesting but i think this is a very hard trick and only practice could come , sorry i cant help all that much

Luckily, no Brent Stole component here! A bit of a Ninja Vanish-type move if that’s what you mean. :smiley:

I really wish I could help. I was working on this trick the other day and my yoyo binds the second I pop it onto the string from the ninja vanish. I had to stop using my supernova because my knuckles started bleeding lol. I can throw a ninja vanish without a problem but as soon as I land it on that top string and not the slack, I’m asking for a hurting.

So basically its a cross-armed ( cross-wrist,maybe? ) Ninja Vanish with a Slack Revolutions ?

Interesting, I haven’t ever seen this trick before, but this is probably one of the better Cabin Tutorials I have seen, perhaps because the trick is so short? Generally I watch the Cabin Tutorials for entertainment value more than as a resource for learning, they are pretty bad tutorials, IMO.

I hear that. Tell you what, if I can get it figured out, I’ll do a tutorial for it!

I can manage to avoid instant bind when I land the yoyo. You have to make sure the loop is fully “through” the gap (hard to explain… words failing me!) so that there’s one segment from the loop plus the taut segment going between the crossed arms. That leaves the gap empty enough for no bind.

But as soon as I start doing those flippy things… bind and/or wambles!

Thats a pretty neat trick! I absolutely can not do it thus far… I’m gonna keep trying though, I dont have many slacky tricks but this one looks prettycool and worthlearning, havent learned something really new in ages.

Been at it all night and for some reason I hit it (with wambles) sometimes, and totally don’t get a GT (yoyo just drops to a sleeper) most of the time. I’m doing something inconsistently obviously, but I can’t figure out what it is. I try to get the loop on the inside of the TH string segment, but maybe it needs to be on the outside and sometimes I’m accidentally hitting it?

I really think this trick would benefit from a 3/4 camera angle!

Weekends here, Ill try to getit tomorrow to help ya out, but the chances of that are slim haha

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Im actually learning it right now so if i get it soon ill post help for you

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Ok, i got it… Kind of…

So… Im not having snagging problems at the drop, but Im having them on that first hop :o

But the drop isnt a problem for me. Maybe try doing it slower? Or maybe just whip the string as if your doing a ninja vanish, catch the string, and drop it to a GT and see if you can do that?

Thanks for the efforts so far! Not sure I catch your meaning, though. After the catch, the yoyo is on a shortish segment with a loop dangling below. It takes at least a partial “swing” to get the gt, and that’s where I be wamblin’.

Hmm lets see. When i do it i havent had a problem.

Of course you need a wide gapped yoyo…

Well, for a start. While your swinging, you need to sorta throw the yoyo out and pull your hands apart…

Hard to explain. But as its swinging and about to drop into the GT, pull your NTH out to the left a little, and right as your going to land the GT dont fall into it, slightly have the yoyo go out…

Hmm hard hard hard.

O= spinning revolutions
Triangle= GT…

Do top, not bottom

Your MS Paint skills are off the charts…


More like tired IOS paint skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Heheh, thanks for trying… I don’t get it, though! In the diagram is there already a triangle formed? In the trick, there’s no triangle until you pull the throwhand around that last time.