Nice! Loving the tricks, and I enjoyed the way the scenery, tricks, your general attitude, and the cheery summery music all lined up. :slight_smile:

Need to learn that stop and go GT… Also that section that starts with the bind to backhand stall at 1:02! Lots of great stuff throughout.


Great video!

Ive wanted to know for so long- What is that bind that you did after your first trick? The whip one. Mike Monty does it all the time and it looks so cool!!


Thank you!

Actually, it’s quite a simple bind. You basically whip the string towards your Non-throwhand’s arm, (Or wrist, or hand) and basically land in a trapeze without putting any fingers into the loop. This causes it to bind, I find myself doing it all the time haha.


Is the yoyo spinning the “wrong” way for a standard bind that way? Ie. is it the large loop and the way it whips around the axle that causes a bind in spite of it not being the “right” direction?


Well, because of the stop and go GT, the yoyo was spinning the way it would if I threw a front throw. So actually, it was spinning the “right” direction for the type of bind I used. It doesn’t normally cause any snags or anything! It can be done the other way, and yes the loop would cause it to bind, but there’s a higher chance of it snagging that way.


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Ah yes, the Stop and Go! Nysche…


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Feedback is always appreciated. :slight_smile:


Yo yo yo I made a video, after like 3 months of not making one, any feedbackkk?


Like what is there to say? Your tricks are nice and techy like always. I also really like how chilled you seem when you throw. One thing too you seem so professional during the first few combos then WATCH ME TRY A LEG WRAP TRAP :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Very cool. Every time I watch one of these vids I have a moment of “oh man I actually kinda suck at yoyos” and then the next moment it’s “oh man I need to go practice”. MOTIVATION!

Anyway, great job.


Haha, so here’s my question: Do you mean when you watch MY videos you have that moment or when you watch any yoyo video? If the answer is the first, thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I meant awesome yoyo videos in general, but this video definitely is in that category! =D


Haha oops on my part, but thank you! :smiley:


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Love your style, I always get tons of inspiration from your videos ;D

One of my fav unsponsored players for sure


Being unsponsored is the way to go man. :wink:

Thanks dude! It means a ton!!!


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