trouble with looping

I’m just trying to start learning the basic inside loop. Every time I try to do another loop, though, the yoyo comes back sideways instead of the way I threw it. Does anyone have tips for keeping it straight? Also, I’ve been using a duncan profire, and yomega fireball. Would it help if I got a loop 900, sunset trajectory, shinwoo loop, or something a little bit higher end like those?

Have you shortened your string? Sometimes a shorter string helps. I know it is supposed to be shorter than for 1a but I’m not sure exactly. I think it’s preference.

Yeah I did try shortening my string a lot.

Shawn’s Looping Guides

No, you don’t need a higher end looper at this stage. Those will do fine, at least as far as the fireball is concerned. No experience w/the profire.