2a/looping yoyos Pulse>Loop 900>Sunset Trajectory

I’m just wondering if anyone can do 2 handed looping tricks and what yoyos they use for this. I’ve been using loop 900s and Sunset Trajectories but neither of these seem to be working for me, as i get about 15 loops before losing control. Also I have the Duncan Pulse, which works extremely well for me…I’ve been able to get over 120 loops easily with the Pulse??? Does anyone know if the looping depends on the yoyo and give some tips on how to loop better? Thanks.

Looping is really based on the feel and small movements that your hand makes when “recalling/looping” the yoyo.
One yoyo is not necessarily better than the other at looping because small features (such as size, gap width, weight distribution,) change how the yo-yo loops. This makes some yoyos better for some players.
I simply prefer the 900’s because you can adjust the gap size.
But if you loop well with the pulse, then use the pulse! (After you get really good, you should be able to use any type of yoyo to loop.)

On the topic of getting good, there is only one method to do so. PRACTICE.
When you’re about to give up, don’t, keep doing it.

Does the string length really matter? Just wondering because in 1a it doesn’t, but because I’m still a noob in 2a i really don’t know.

Yep, for 2A it matters. Shorter string, wider gap will tend to loop up. Longer string, tighter gap will tend to loop down. Also, the shorter the string the faster the loops.

I identify with you; I’m a little better on my speed beetles than my sunset trajectories. Must be the base weight and weight distribution!