2a tips?

I just got a pair of YYJ Unleashed’s, and I am having a little difficulty keeping the straight when I loop. It’s not the string length and I am experienced in 3a so my left hand can throw good. I am wondering what other people prefer their response to be as well (wider or narrower gap).

Thanks, enjoy the gif.

I use the YYJ unleashed too. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a matter of practice. I took me forever just to learn loop the loop with my right hand. Watch movies while practicing.

Basically the more you practice the more experience you get and your arm just knows what to do. Its all in the flicking of your wrist motion. Looping is difficult but it’s like the trick boingy boing: impossbile to learn but easy once you learn it.

It’s a muscle memory thing, you automatically make corrections with each loop. Play around with the angle of your wrist too.

I like having my gap really really tight by the way, I like the response better. String length should be short, bearing should be lubed.

Also, you’re not supposed to have the yoyo straight when you loop. It’s supposed to be on an angle.

lol I guess you can message me on xbox again if you need more help :slight_smile: