Loop 900 polyester vs 50/50 slick 6 string

Just a few questions about looping/Loop 900s
Does using 50/50 string instead of 100% polyester string actually affect looping performance?
Does string length affect how you loop?
What type of lubricant would work best on Loop 900s?

The type of string used would affect looping performance, although not by much. Slick 6 (50/50) string makes the yoyo slightly more responsive, which might affect the way you loop.
As for string length, it definitely affects how you loop. Shorter string would cause you to loop slightly upwards, while longer string would cause you to loop downwards. So based on your experience, you can try to find the perfect length of string for looping.
For looping yoyos, you generally want to use thick loop to ensure responsiveness. However, if you feel that your yoyo is too responsive, even at the widest gap setting, then you should change to thin lube.

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I’ll be picking up a set of these next month. These are on my “July must-haves” list.

The string type can affect performance. You need to try both and find out for yourself what you like best. You might want to avoid 100% cotton though.

Does string length affect how you loop? For me, yes, it does. Following the recommendation here for shortening the string to about pocket-length has made a world of positive difference. I’m still working on my looping, doing 3 regularly, and 5 occasionally, but keep in mind I’m not taking tons of time to master this skill yet. The biggest things to help me where both shortening the string, and getting some hands-on help from someone else. Elephark gave me some pointers and it make a world of difference!

Lubricate to preference. I’ve seen people use thick lube only, or some thick lube then cut it by using some thin lube. Thin lube only is generally not recommended except for string trick yoyos. You’re just going to have to experiment and find out for yourself what works best for you. I get the impression that 2 drops of YYJ thick lube and 1 drop of YYJ thin lube seems to be what most people seem to prefer. Keep in mind that YYJ thin lube is designed to break down YYJ thick lube, so you can see how this is being used to affect performance.

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thnx, as for string length does the belly button rule appy?

Maybe, maybe not. You adjust string length to preference.

I adjust mine to about where the top of my pocket is on my pants, as I got this recommendation from the tutorial videos here. I forget which one, but I saw it here. I found having the shorter string length was really helpful.

You may like it full length. There’s no absolute right or wrong, only preferences. I would recommend the pants-pocket length for now. You can try longer later if you want.

Yeah, it doesn’t really apply for looping. You might want to start by using your arm length as a guide, then start tweaking from there, based on your looping.

What do u guys use for arm length, like up to what part of your arm from your hand?

For me, yoyo touching floor, string loop just above the opening to my pocket on my shorts/pants. Arm length is a bit too short.

Usually, I start off by holding the yoyo (with the string on), then pulling the string right up to my collar bone, then cutting the string at that point.

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Thanks, these helped me tremendously, just got 60 loops on my first try! worth it