looping and string?

Does looping go through string fast, or does the loop 900 just come with some weak string? I just got two today, and the strings on both broke after an hour or two. The string I replaced it with seems to hold up better so far, but I’m new to looping so wanted to ask.

I’m pretty sure the stock string for the 900’s is cotton. Cotton is weak and is the most prone to snaping That’s why it is recommended you use 50/50. Although I have found that using Poly string gives it a better feeling.

Bottom line, 50/50 or poly are your best bet. Keep in mind that the starburst will eventually wear down all types of string so keep an eye on the string and change it when you notice its worn down a lot.

Is all down to your preference.

Good luck.

Yeah, stock 900 comes with cotton (got mine a few days ago as well). Looping does go through string like crazy, so it’s normal if you loop most of the day to go through 2-3 strings. I’m rather new as well and I’ve tried both 50/50 and poly, poly seems to be my preference since it last longer, and 50/50 just feels weird to me. All preference though in the end.

ahh, okay. thanks guys. yeah my poly string is holding up a lot better.