Good string for Looping tricks


What’s good string for looping tricks? I’ve just been using yoyoexpert’s 100% poly string. Is that good for looping, or is there something better?


For looping, I thing people like to use 50/50 or just pure cotton. Nylon is a no no though.


Use what you like. I think most if the big 2A guys are using 100% polyester these days.


100% Nylon ;D

Lol, jk, I and others use slick 6 poly/cotton from this site :slight_smile: poly is fine too but it isnt really made for looping…


Thanks for all the advice! I thought my loops weren’t so good with the poly. Luckily I’ve got an extra bag of 50% cotton string.


Well, the string isn’t really going to improve your looping that much or at all… But poly/cotton will make it more responsive which may make it better as a result :slight_smile:


Some use type 8 string since it is a bit thicker.


Why shouldn’t nylon be used?


Well, it’s really slick, and then there’s the small problem that it can melt if you loop to fast…

NOTE: I’ve never actually seen Nylon melt while looping, but many sites add a disclaimer saying that Nylon string should not be used to loop, because it will melt.


Id like to see someome actually melt a nylon string when looping to see how it turns out


I’ll get some nylon and try it out :smiley: I don’t have any 100% nylon at the moment I only have 50/50 poly/nylon


I think you’d be hard-pressed to melt nylon on a modern bearing plastic looper. The disclaimer applies more to wooden fixed-axle loopers (wooden axles as well), I would imagine.

But y’know… those world-class guys can do nutty things that I can’t even imagine, so I could be wrong.


Looping fast doesn’t cause nylon or poly string to melt. Only sleeper tricks do that and that’s only for fixed axle.

On the original topic, I use 50/50 type 8 for looping because it’s a little more responsive and durable than type 6.