Loop 900 Question(s)

I looked on the search and I dont think this has been asked before. I was reading on another “yoyo webstore” about the loop 900s and it said that the type of string and lube didnt matter at all when playing with the Loop 900 because of the adjustable gap (paraphrasing of course). So will slick 6 work just as fine as polyester? Will different string lengths have the same effect?

String length will always make a difference, longer string makes looping (regardless of the yoyo) more difficult to control. As for string type, I’ve been told that cotton seemingly works better for more responsiveness, but I’ve been using poly with some beat up Raiders. I’m a novice looper, but since I don’t have loop900 (yet, waiting for them in the mail), no idea if string type will make a difference. I’ll update this post though if no one answers better otherwise, since I ordered 100 poly and 100 cotton each, with my opinion.

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Thanks! Hopefully I can get Loop 900s soon but I dont know how long thats gonna be… For now I have to stick with a proyo. -.-

I use mostly slick 8 in my loopers, some cotton. Tried 100% poly and it didn’t work well for me. Response not there.

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I’ve heared a lot of great things about slick 8. Pat uses them with his raiders. To bad you cant really buy raiders anywhere anymore, besides maybe Amazon or ebay.
Anyway back to my question, does anybody know what string it comes with or if it comes with additional string inside the package?

My loop 900’s came with no extra string, just one string for each yoyo. The string was 100% cotton, not sure which type though. I got mine a few months ago during the first run, so I’m not sure if the new run comes with extra strings.

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Ok cool. Ill just have to buy some extra slick 6 with my purchase.