loop 900!!!!!!!

Monday morning
Just got my loop 900s
worth every penny
I love them

Good to hear! I’ll be getting mine soon.

Agreed, except I took the impatient route and had mine express shipped so I’ve been enjoying mine since Saturday ;D

Amazing loopers, though. Just be sure to stay away from slick 6 strings with them. They have been giving me some major slippage problems. Swapping out for poly works perfectly though. In one day’s practice, I shot my record up from 2 to 48 left handed loops and from 1 or 2 to 24 two-handed loops. I heart Loop 900 :stuck_out_tongue:

Crap, I shouldn’t have ordered slick string then :open_mouth:

Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to start looping. Time to take a break from 1A.

I should be getting mine today.


Poly string will met when looping fast. Blends FTW :slight_smile:

don’t worry me like that as i just ordered 100 count of slick 6, i always used slick 8 instead, but i figured if i can tighten the gap then this will compensate for having a thinner string and to allow me to try something new

how was your 900 setup? was the gap widened all the way and bearing not lubed?

p.s i have not gotten my 900s yet so this is why i’m asking

no actually I seemed to experience even more slippage (to clarify for Ben: inconsistent response, whacks to the collarbone and face, etc) when the gap was completely tightened, so I managed to find a sweet spot just wider than completely tightened but it was still inconsistent with its response. I haven’t messed with the bearings so they’re however they came from the factory.