Trolling Contest


The sarcasm and trolling is getting out of hand here at yye and I know how to deal with it. Although trolling isn’t a good thing, if you can’t get it out of your system troll another forum!


  1. No yoyo forums!

  2. Must post a link on this thread

  3. No breaking yoyoexpert rules or linking to inapropriate forums

  4. Deadline is December 1st so get the link in by then

  5. Winner will be voted on by the users of yye

Good luck!


This is going to be difficult…

And sarcasm being out of hand?

Get a sense of humour people. All of you don’t know what you’re doing anymore, and you think it actually matters. You think trolling is a problem on yye? I’ll tell you what the problem is, and it’s all of the posters running around this forum thinking they know what they’re doing, when really we’re just waiting for them to leave so this can be a real forum. This includes you.


Ssssssssssst aaaaah, you just got burned!


Well lots of people are complaining, and I know that some people are even leaving yye because of it, sooo… I don’t know just don’t troll yye!


Trolling a trolling thread…

We could just try to keep it contained I suppose. Get a bottle or something.


This. I’ve thought a lot about never coming back. I’m not a popular one but certain persons are ruining this place. New people coming to learn are getting pushed aside. I was lucky to come in right before this got big.
Like i’ve said before; there is a difference between trolling and just being a jerk. While one may have the allusion of the other they are not always the same.


Trolling is what makes the Internet interesting. Therefore I will always troll.

But on a serious note, trolling is fine until it gets to the point of being utterly mean. There’s a fine line between the two.


Really? I thought you were always this annoying. And to the op, what would people on the other forums think? If we don’t like trolling, then what makes you think it will be fine on another forum?


Also in how people interpret posts that are obviously trolls. Being “mean” can just mean a person misinterpreting a joke. More of a misunderstanding really.


^^^^^^^^^ this


That is kinda why I said, trolling isn’t a good thing, it is just if you must get it out and not bother us. (I am so selfish)

(Lz) #12

Trolling getting out of hand? never heard of such a thing :smiley:


hmmmm… i troll this thread


Then get out and troll some other website.


I’m don’t enjoy trolling, this is for those who do, and who get on are nerves. It is so they can get it out, but not on us.


Dude, you can’t tell that I’m trolling?


Uhh, well I could, sort of, I still thought that you disagreed with me though. Hope you enter.


This captcha trolled me.
And yes, I took this screenshot