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After a few months here I’ve come to the conclusion that there are trolls among us. This may contribute to the negativity that shows itself on occasion.

Trolls are simply individuals that enjoy getting an emotional response from others and are disruptive to the forum.

Trolls often cause newer members not to want to risk posting and more established members will start posting less or start looking for a new forum.

Reasons for trolling:

  1. Attention - Never respond to a troll, try to reason with a troll they win, tell a troll off they win
  2. Control - view their posts as an experiment in controlling a community
  3. Numerous other reasons such as boredom

Dealing with a troll:

  1. Ignore the troll. Simply do not reply no matter how you feel.
  2. Some sites offer an ignore list that allows you not to see a trolls posts. However the ignore list on this site just prevents you from receiving pm’s from a troll.
  3. Report posts that you come across that break the forum rules.

Ignoring the troll is the best way to handle the situation and maybe the most difficult.

I thought I’d just bring this up. I know you alll know it as do I, however I’ve fed a few trolls lately. Feeding time is over!


There will be trolls on forums… no matter what, simply how it is. Over the years I’ve learned that if I ask for help with something and no one is willing to help me, then screw it - I’ll find another way to get my solution.

Yesterday I asked some people about some other yoyo sites with tutorials and resources but apparently that ruffled a few feathers. So I deleted the post and searched for some additional resources on my own… and it was super beneficial to my own progress.


hmm, I guess I must have been a “troll”. didn’t intend to be…never in a thousand boing-e-boings thought I would be.



Pointing out forum etiquette is not being a troll.


Haha. I didn’t consider it trolling, just something that has made me a bit wary of the forum. I got responses I certainly didn’t expect - not something I had ever seen before.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Trolls are an interesting thing.

Basically though, if you hate em, they hate back, if you love and tolerate them, they do the same.

We must remember though, there is also “good trolling” which is done well and just makes people legit. Like what Elephark pulls off. That guy is the most awesome troll ever when he wants to be.

But yeah, I have seen trolls around, I just avoid, or sometimes, troll back and crush their souls into little pieces till they cry.


(DOGS) #7

There’s a difference between being a troll and occasionally “trolling”.




(The thing is, this was actually a good movie)


Yes, beware of Troll. Troll 2 is much better.


So, a troll is someone who posts something that causes you to have an emotional reaction?

So a non-troll is someone who posts something that makes you feel nothing at all?

Or, have I been trolled?

Doh! I am all confused now.


Trolling is saying mean things, just to get people mad.


I had no idea trolls were so large and maladroitly animated.


I know, parasprites are small cute creatures that multiply into big problems whilst looking cute but are totally evil and will destroy ponyville and fillydelphia!


Oh no, no fillydelphia!