What happened?

What has happened to these forums? Last time I was hear everybody got along perfectly. We all yo-yoed and we were like Yoyo friends online but when I took a two month leave, I came back to someone telling me “please read or at least learn how to.” Really? I thought that after a long day at school I could come home and have some fun away from bullying (sometimes because I Yoyo) and drama and just plain school like alot of us, but it seams that people just don’t wanna be nice anymore. So thank you to all the people that are genuinely nice to other people… And the other non- kind people: GO BACK TO YOUTUBE! Thank you if you read that I just needed to get it out :smiley: ;D

I love ya’


You’re going to run into a bit of rudeness everywhere you go. Even the nicest of people can get a bit snappy if they’ve had a bad day. Just keep calm and carry on throwing =)


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I don’t know you, but I love ya, too!

I spend a bit too much time on these forums, but I don’t notice TOOooo many vitriolic posts. Some of us mix it up in yoyo-related debates for longer than we should, but I haven’t seen much straight-up bullying except when it comes to the grammar police.

Hopefully you’ve just noticed it in a few isolated posts. I feel the forums are very friendly as a whole, and maybe those one or two posts will prove to be exceptions for you.


Oh, look, it’s that thread again

Dude people arent always nice and just because someone made a snyde comment about youre reading ability doesnt mean the whole community has died which it has but that one comment doesnt mean everyone is jerks bullies btw if you get bullied at school just be more chill people dont care that you yoyo they dont like you and thats something to pick on people like a chill dude that they can relax with dont touch people and dont be a spaz just be chill not that YOU are necessarily a spaz just it seems most kids that get bullied get bullied because they are either way just be a cooler dude and it really is THAT easy

Really, was that necessary?


I was about to say the same thing.


Thank you.

No need for that. Just explain how your day didn’t work out. That’s all.

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^lol good one.

Yeah people can definitely be a little rigid on these forums at times, but you just gotta ignore it… You can find bullying anywhere, and it is so easy online because people dont have to say it to your face.

You definitely dont deserve it. Ive got all the love to share, love you too!

And finshing it off, full circle back at love.
Love to throw. Throw to love…

I have NO idea what that means, but it would look great on a t-shirt.

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Everyone can get a little mean at times (especially if it has to do with grammar on here :P), but in the end, we are all here to support you.

I would love that shirt.

ive noticed this a lot recently… i feel like people are starting to take yoyoing too seriously… again. People have stopped understanding that its all just for fun, nothing more really.

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Somehow i feel it was. There’s another ongoing thing with the forums these days(i lurk a whole lot, but i usually avoid posting because people already come with better, more complete answers by the time i get to see the threads, damn you gmt+2) in the sense that every day or so, someone makes a thread complaining about the rigidity and eliteness and whatnot of the forum and throwing some sort of personal appeal to people to be polite and kind, that yoyoing is just a hobby and should be treated light-heartidly. While I agree, this is not how a culture works, and it’s a sad, sad fact. What one can do about modelling a let’s call it culture of this community is go by example and not by statement. The only ones who will even open this thread are the ones already on the same page with the original poster. Even if some of the ones not on the same page do land here, chances their conscience will go like “hm, yes, maybe i should act in a more civilized manner” rather than be trumped by the “lololololol i troll j00” attitude is slim to none. This is the forum of a small community, but it’s still the internet. You know, where people say mean things just cause they can here, since rigors of outside world society don’t let them (usually accompanied by lack of character to be honest and state their mind in face to face situations). That’s how it has always been and will always be, anonimity spawns such charactes, and you’ll see them post more than the kind ones, just learn to get around them, the worst punishment for such a character is just ignoring them. So, ignore on! The good people will be easily detectable as soon as you do this. The bad ones will find the way out, either by boredom, or aided by a mod.
That being said, why this particular thread got my attention is something i can’t answer. I guess i reached some sort of inner threshhold. What i want to make clear, however, is that i didn’t want to offend the OP. Genuinely sorry if I did. I don’t mind being “that guy”, but there’s a weird component of me that just has a really low tolerance for redundancy. That’s why i’m posting it all in here and not making a new thread about it.

@tuxedodave : i lol’d
@mikeff : yes, yes it would, you should try and sell those ^^

My 2c,

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Man, if your getting bullied at school, you need to stick up for yourself bro. Im a lover not a fighter, i do not condone fighting. But from the time i was born till a few weeks ago i was always afraid to stand up for myself. Speak up against bullies or people talking “poop” to me. Until this one kid that picked on me a lot in highschool commented very rudely on my facebook status. So i called him out. Got in my truck went to see him at his house. This kid had 23 lbs on me. Roughly 7 mins a broken thumb and a cracked rib later, i wasn’t scared of anybody anymore. Stick up for yourself kid. Hit him in the nose with a forward pass :wink: love you bro keep your head up!