I love you all.


I love you all guys, thanks for making this forum great, peace out.


I agree with the man above me all of you guys are awesome you are helpful interesting and often some of the best people around. The ankhs and dftba


Hey, don’t mention it. you’re welcome. :wink:

you guys are all really great. even though i don’t really know any of you, you guys are kinda my friends.


ain’t it the truth!

(George Wollaston) #5

It always makes me a little sad that I don’t know you guys well enough. :confused:
Still - much love for you awesome people!


Ah, no other community could make me feel so welcome.
I am a guy who has been bullied my whole life, and for once I actually feel accepted.
People who answer my questions, and expect nothing in return.
People who stand by me.
People who flow, and throw for the fun of it.
You guys are the sediment that builds into an indestructible rock.
This forum is just of the little things that make life worth living.

(Owen) #7

Ya know, YYE has a mafia.

Just ask and we’ll take out any bullies.


heck yea we will

If they mess with the yoyo community they have to go through us we will help any of you even yakuza y’all are still part of this awesome comminity


I love you too. :slight_smile:


Everyone can find love… Except for he who shall not be named

Love it is the one thing he who shall not be named doesn’t have… A part from a nose


I have realized that in all my forum surfing (yoyo and non-yoyo related), that this continues to be the cleanest forums. I am glad to be a part of this community.


Don’t say his name!


Indeed. It would be nice to say hell once in a while, as it has more emphasis than heck. But hey, can’t have everything.


Haha, it censored you. :slight_smile:

But, actually, I think heck covers it. Just CAPITALIZE it and it will look like your yelling! :slight_smile:


HECK. Yeah, that is sure as HECK catchy!