triple or nothing

ok i need help i can do double or nothing but i gues cuz i have small hands i need help doing triple or nothing

thanks ;D

Ok. If there’s two strings wrapped around your finger before the yoyo land on the string, keep the two strings back on your base of your index finger, so you have enough space to let the yoyo lands on the string. I hope this helps.

Happy Throwing! =]

k ill try

How I learned it was to do a matrix into it.

  1. Do a trapeze
  2. Pop off trapeze, yoyo should be on the throwhand side.
  3. Go into double or nothing
  4. Pop off double or nothing, yoyo should be on the throwhand side
  5. Swing into a triple or nothing

What do you need a triple or nothing for?

Good Luck! ;D

i wanted to learn black hops

lol,thats an awsome trick,I love it

Another thing is to not let the yoyo go too fast because it will slide too far and you will miss it or it will bounce off the string. You can also try holding the two strings back so they don’t get in the way.

Great! Black hops can increase your string landing level. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Batryn, he wants to do triple or nothing for Black Hops.

Happy Throwing! =]

He said that?

sigh yes…

Happy Throwing! =]

i havnt tryed anything yet cuz im siliconing it