Wanting to learn tricks

I just became able to land a double or nothing and triple or nothing perfectly whenever i want. Anybody know some tricks to use theses with

Black Hops uses both of those, once you get the hang of it, it is really easy, and really fun to do. I’m only like on Advanced part 1, and I learned it, so don’t be afraid that it is under Expert pt. 1. Good luck!

Learn the Matrix if you haven’t yet, then try my trick “beginnings” it uses a double or nothing start.


Fun, fun, fun.

Have you tried rewind? It uses both a double and triple or nothing.

You should try cold fusion

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Black Hops starts with a triple or nothing.


Have you learned one and a half mount yet? There are cool tricks that start with it.

Try cold fusion it is a tutorial in yye

You can try the matrix, rewind, and mcbride roller coaster and other tricks like that.

Hope I helped! :slight_smile: