triple or nothing help

do any of you have some tips for doing a triple or nothing? i try to do it but i can’t land on the final string and it really bugs me :-\

thanks for you help!

Watch many tutorials from
André boulay
Miguel Correa
Michael Montgomery (PM him and he will be extremely helpful also)

Keep practicing make sure your finger width apart is spot on and get to the point where you’re able to land double or nothing every time with your eyes closed.

Also practice rewind that will get you into position easier as you will be closer to position without just jumping straight into the triple.

Hope this helps and good luck! Don’t give up!

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Okay, this is a hard one.

Watch some slow motion tutorials and make sure you have good spacing on your fingers.

I have also found that Rewind is a good trick. I couldn’t do a straight up Triple until I had gotten Rewind down. Even now I am not 100%.

As in with most tricks, just practice it. In a while, you will be able to hit Quadruple or Nothing. Just think about how much harder that is and it actually makes a Triple seem easier which may give you the confidence.

I actually think this way with some tricks. I think of myself building up to be really good but I have to hit this one trick first. It works. Try it out.

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I know its not exactly a true triple or nothing when you do it this way…

But after you go around your nth index the first time, make a gun shape with your throwhand (similar to magic drop) and go around the back of your thumb and continue around into your triple or nothing.

I hope this helps

this totally works but i feel like a fake. probably i will use it to get the basic idea and then try the real triple or nothing

you might find this interesting zorro. i learned rewind and then i could instantly hit triple or nothing

Try and separate the first 2 wraps of string from the last one so that it will be more unlikely that the yoyo lands on the wrong string. Also, once you start to get the hang of triple or nothing, try doing quadruple or nothing and once you get the hang of quadruple or nothing, go back and perfect triple or nothing (because then you’ll have got used to 4 wraps and 3 will be easier). Hope this helps :smiley:

i have officially done triple or nothing

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Glad to know it!! ;D

also skred the original problem wasn’t really a landing problem as much of an improper hand spacing problem.

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Hahaha that’s confusing but good job with doing the trick even though i didn’t help lol ;D

well. the improper spacing on my hands caused me to miss because i was not giving myself the right amount of string so i would over shoot. i know that it is confusing :-[