black hops

I can almost do black hops but have trouble at the end of the “hop down” and the end of the “hop up” part. any tips?

i had the same problem. when you go into the triple or nothing keep some space between each layer of string going around your fingers. i find it easier to land on them if you have some space.

going up. once you land in the double or nothing-ish mount. slide the string to the base of your fingers. just tilt ur finger up a little. this helped me hit the next 2 strings. hope this helps

Thanks! I already spaced the string out on the triple but i screw it up on the double, i can never land it going down on the double.

aight this is kinda hard to explain but i’ll try:

so you land in a triple or nothing at the beggining of the trick. the string is spaced a little on your fingers. notice while your in the triple or nothing mount you have 3 strings going around your non-throw index finder. and 2 strings going around your throwhand finger. I have about 1/5’’ to 1’’ between the strings on my NONTHROWHAND finger and about 1 1/5’’ of space between the 2 strings on my THROWHAND index finger.

so hop the yoyo onto the first string and your in a double or nothing brother mount right? And if i read your last post correctly, going to the double or nothing from here is where your having trouble. Well, notice when your in the double or nothing brother you have a string the yoyo is sitting on infront of the mount. then you have two strings (inbetween your hands) that are almost right over top of eachother, and one string in the back (side closest to your body) that is connected to your throwhand middle finger. Well what you want to do is ‘hop’ the yoyo into those two string that are right on top of eachother. You want to land the yoyo on the LOWER string. SO those two strings are like sorta like this ======= - land on the lower string (the one closest to the floor). This might be tricky, and it’ll take some practice, but if you have that spacing right, then it shouldnt be too hard.

TIP: when your in the double or nothing brouther mount. notice those two strings right on top of eachtoher… notice that right next to your NONTHROWHAND, the bottom string juts away from you slightly. Well if you tilt your NONTHROWHAND up slightly, then that string will jut out a little more. This makes it easier to land the yoyo on that string

Hope this helps.

I probably can claim this but I know EXACTLY why you can’t hit the double or nothing.

After the hop right before the double or nothing, it’s the middle string. You look at it, you see 3 strings. It’s the middle one. Pluck the others out, and hop onto the middle string.

Thank you all, I will hopefully get it next time. I think I also need practice.