It’s what almost everyone asked for, but it got released, there was just crickets. Anyone use one? hows it play?

I love mine!

It plays like a metal dark magic.

well how does a metal DM play? because people go crazy for normal DM’s, but not Metal version.

Hmm, might have to add that to the wants list.

Should have said DMI (I assume). It plays slightly heavier than the DMII (Why I assumed DMI), and basically plays how it looks. I ended up returning mine because the ano kept coming off whenever I would do a thumb grind. It honestly doesn’t grind that well for a metal. That being said it plays well. If you have the cash though, it may be worth getting it blasted and re-ano’d.

I think they are just anodized but not blasted. I might someday get one and have it beadblasted and anodized in a simple color way.

I think the whole paint coming off on thumb grinds is an error among all metal yoyojams. Same thing with my axiom, it would stain my fingernail blue whenever I did an IRG


Hmm, not acceptable in my opinion. This shouldn’t be happening.

Just fell off my wants list.(easy come, easy go)

Yea it was one of the big reasons why i traded my axiom. It’s a good throw don’t get me wrong but I’m not gonna walk around with smurf thumb all day.

And that’s the reason why I polished mine, it still plays great though!